There was no procurement breaches in contract-GWCL Boss

According to the Managing Director of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Ing. Dr. Clifford Braimah , his institution has not engaged in any procurement malpractices as been alleged.

His response is to an allegations made by a petitioner called Mr. Alhassan Salifu Bawa that, he and the Board Chair, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, Member of Parliament (MP) for Effutu Constituency have breached procurement processes during the purchase of Electro-mechanical equipments for Western region branch of GWCL.

Claiming that, during the procurement and approval of the said equipment, both him and Hon. Markin were then not at post, therefore, could not have been involved in any procurement process, hence breaches as stated by the petitioner, Mr. Alhassan Salifu Bawa.

Speaking to the media at GWCL headoffice in Accra, Dr. Braimah explained that, due processes and procedures were followed before approval of the said equipment by the Public Procurement Agency (PPA).

Though he acknowledged that, the equipment was procured through a single sourcing, it is justifiable that, it falls in line with section 40 of Act 663 with emphasis on subsection 1(a) and (d)(I) of the procurement law, which states ” A procurement entity may engage in single source procurement under section (1) with the approval of the Board,”.

Disclosing that, due to the exigency of the request including replacement of the Electro-mechanical equipment, there was the need to adopt standardisation and compatibility method with the existing equipment.

Stressing that, ” the original equipment manufacturer’s sole representative for West Africa was Messrs Intermec Ghana Limited that, GWCL in line with the law applied to the PPA with justifiable reasons for single sourcing.

The PPA per letter dated 16th October, 2016 he revealed approved and granted GWCL’s request to single sourcing the demanded necessary equipment from the local representative from the above company”.

Based on this, the GWCL Managing Director, Dr. Braimah unequivocally pointed out that, neither the Board Chairman nor the company have breached or cause any infractions to procurement, believing, GWCL strictly upheld and adhere to the laws of Ghana.

Meanwhile, Dr. Braimah used the ocassion to caution individuals and media houses to desist from dragging the hard earned reputation of the company into the mud as well advised media houses to verify or conduct due diligence before issuing any such publications.

Adding that, management of the Ghana Water company Limited (GWCL) is taking steps to seek legal redress against perpetrators.

“The management of GWCL remain willing to all investigations instituted either by the Special Prosecutor (SP) or any other investigative agency, therefore also issues a stern warning to the Petitioner (Mr. Alhassan Salifu Bawa) and his cohorts to desist from destroying the reputation of the company,” he stressed.

Readers will recall that, a petition written by Mr. Alhassan Salifu Bawa was submitted to the Special Prosecutor for the investigation of both the Board Chairman, Hon. Afenyo-Markin and Managing Director of GWCL, Dr. Braimah for procurement breaches.

Story By: Ishmael Barfi

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