Create Policies to enhance prisoners and prison officers welfare-Talensi MP to Govt.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Talensi, Hon. Benson Tongo Baba has called on government to create policies that would be favorable to take care of prisoners and prison officers.

Hon. Baba expressed worry that the Prison is not a warehouse, but rather a reformation place; a place where inmates are trained to become better citizens in society.

Government needs to consider four thematic areas in the budget regarding prisons and inmates.

Hon. Baba made these comments on the floor of Parliament during the debate on the recent Nkosuo budget read by Finance Minister in behalf of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

He outlined the four thematic areas to be ocnsidered as: Welfare of prisoners in terms of the provision of medical care and facilities, their feeding (government helping them to have a three-sqaure meals); clothing and bedding and accommodation.

The Nsawam Medium prison was initially built to accommodate 770 inmates, but currently it accommodates a little over 3500 plus.

He said but for the emergence of transfer and justice for all system, the population at Nsawam might have reached 4000 by now.

“We need to separate inmates: since that is what the prison terms demands, because if you fail to separate them, some first grade offenders may turn to engage those with minor of fences, thereby making them to come back when they are freed”.

He made mention of poor vehicular problem prison officers go through in discharging their duties.

Source: Delali Gavor

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