Institute of Packaging-Ghana equips industry players on Packaging Technology

A five-day training of trainers’ (ToT) workshop on the Fundamentals of Packaging Technology has opened in Accra at the University of Ghana Business School.

The ToT workshop is being organised by the Institute of Packaging, Ghana (IOPG) under two auspices of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) in collaboration with the Department of Food Process Engineering of the University of Ghana with financial asistance from the BUSAC Fund.

The five day workshop; 2nd to 6th March, 2020 will equip fifteen (15) participants from the packaging industry, training institutions, regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drugs Authority.

Packaging is an effective tool for preservation, protection, marketing and distribution of goods that in Ghana, poor packaging has been identified as one of the major reasons for the failure of locally manufactured goods to compete favourably with imported goods not to talk of being accepted on the international market.

It is also observed that, poor and inadequate packaging contributes to excessive product damage, post-harvest losses and contamination of food which mostly leads to disease transmission.

In addition, the workshop will equip representatives of trade associations with the requisite knowledge skills in effective packaging to deliver essential services to small and medium enterprise with the aim to enhance the quality of their products and their market competitiveness.

Participants will be lectured by resources persons from the WPO and IOPC with a field trip to Royal Crown Packaging and Kasapreko Company Limited to learn modern trends in the packaging industry.

To ensure effective utilization of the skills acquired, participants will undertake group assignments that will provide solutions to pressing packaging challenges in the country.

The workshop will also provide a mini exhibition of packaging products and services rendered by the Ghana packaging industry.

Participants at the workshop will be be addressed by the BUSAC Fund Manager, Mr. Nicolas Jorgensen Gebara, Mr. Kishan Singh, WPO Vice President, Kofi Essuman of the Institute of Packaging Ghana, Dr. Frederick Vuvor, Head, Department of Nutrition and,Food Science as well as Dr. Nicole Sharon Affrifah, Lecturer at the Department of Food Process Engineering, School of Engineering Science, University of Ghana, Legon.

The Institute of Packaging, Ghana is a professional body promoting the development of packaging practice and professionalism in Ghana.

The Institute is also a member of the World Packaging Organisation and do collaborates with the Institute of Packaging South Africa and other international packaging institutions.


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