The Regional Youth Wing of the NDC in Bono East Regiona led by its Regional Youth Organizer,Commander Bilal Muazu Sulemana on Monday 8th March,2020 issued a stern warning to the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo not to allow the LGBT 5th Regional Conference slated for Accra from 27th-31st July, 2020.

Is a fact worth remembering that all past Presidents of Ghana strongly resisted the efforts to allow homosexuals and their affiliate bodies to operate freely in Ghana thereby making such practices illegal within the Ghanaian Laws.

“The refusal of the Late President Professor J.E.A Mills to legalize this horrific practice in front of Prime Minister of United Kingdom Mr. David Cameron when he was being coerced to legalized homosexuality in Ghana in exchange for Economic Aid from UK Government.

This followed a total rejection of such inducement of foreign powers by H.E. John Dramani Mahama n 2015.

On the 26th November,2017 reported of an interview President Akuffo Addo granted to Jane Dutton of Al-Jazeera TV claiming THE LEGALIZATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY IN GHANA IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. The Clergy, Civil Society Organizations and the Ghanaian Public including our Traditional Authorities spoke strongly against the comment by H.E. Nana Addo.

In 2019 during the implementation of the the Basic School Curriculum for Ghanaian Schools,it was realized that the Nana Addo led NPP administration has smuggled Comprehensive Sexuality Education into the New Curriculum to be taught to our kids in a form which was disgusting to our culture as Ghanaians.

Quickly there was hew and cry across the length and breadth of Ghana which was championed by the National Coalition For Family Values And Proper Human Sexuality ln Ghana led by General Secretary Lawyer Moses Foh-Amoanin.

The pressure mounted on the government made the Ghana Education Service to quickly redraw that abomination though the Education Minister, Hon. Mathew Opoku Prempeh had already signed a pact with foreign donors for 3 million Dollars in order to implement such a taboo in our education system.

All the these overtly or covertly moves in introducing homosexuality to the Ghanaian People by Nana Addo is very clear to all right thinking Ghanaians and we say on equivocal terms that this has emboldened the Pan Africa International Lesbians And Gays Association to stage their so called 5th Regional Conference in Accra Ghana from the 27th to 31st March,2020 with the theme:“SANKOFA,LOOKING BACK TO OUR ROOTS.RECLAIMING OUR RIGHTS “.

It is refreshing to hear that, Lawyer Moses Foh-Amoanin led Coalition has petitioned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to grant visas to members of the South African based LGBT Group to come to Ghana for such an illegal and abominable meeting.

On this note,we call on H.E. Nana Addo to come out and condemn such move by this group whose boldness is as a result of his lackadaisical attitude towards the fight against LGBT in Ghana.

We further assure Nana Addo that should he fail to curtail this abomination that is about to happen to our beloved country Ghana….the ONE THOUSAND BONO EAST YOUTH CONTINGENT MATCH AGAINST LGBT IN GHANA WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE JUBILEE HOUSE. Thank you.


Bilal Muazu Sulemana
Bono East NDC Regional Youth Organizer.

Source: Political Desk

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