We can withdraw license during the season if obligations aren’t met – Baah Nuakoh

Dr. Nuakoh, the head of the club licensing board has revealed that the board has every right to withdraw club licenses even during the season if some obligations are not met.

He gave the Liberty Professionals example during his submission when they found snakes at the Carl Reindorf park during the season, leading to their temporary shift to a different stadium.

“There are certain requirments including payments of SSNIT contributions of players and taxes and all those things. If we give you a license, we require that you conform to the Companies Act,” he told Joy FM.

“If during the season, we have cause to believe that you are breaching the terms of your terms or your license, the club licensing board has every power to withdraw your license.

“If we withdraw your license, you are automatically kicked out of the league. Look at Liberty Professionals and the problems they had with snakes at the stadium. We withdrew their license until they were able to correct it.”

Source: footballghana.com

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