“Let APC be the alternative to NPP & NDC- Ayariga to Newly Elected Greater Accra Reg. Executives

As the country Ghana prepares for her Presidential and Parliamentary elections in December 2020, the Presidential Candidate for All People’s Party (APC) Dr. Hassan Ayariga has humbly called members of the party to work tirelessly to ensure the party’s victory come the country December Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

According to him, it is important for members of the party to propagate the good and practicable policies and programs of APC Ayariga-led government.

This he says is as a result of the absymal performance of the ruling party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) as well as the elsewhile Mahama-led NDC government.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga made these passionate call at the acclaimation of the party Greater Accra Regional Executives at its Regional Degates’ Congress in Accra, Ghana.

Explaining further, he asserted that, the time has come for Ghanaians to boycott the two main political parties, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and give other parties the chance to govern hence transform Ghana.

Therefore Believes that, APC is the alternative to these two main political parties to ensure peace, job opportunities, economic boost as well respect for all and sundry irrespective one political colours.

In this regard, called on Ghanaians to vote for the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) come December 7th polls to transform the country’s economy and standard of living of the ordinary Ghanaians.

He also used ths ocassion to task the newly elected regional executives of Greater Accra to engage the ordinary Ghanaians hence sell the policies and programs of the party to ensure the party’s victory in the December elections.

“I would get heart attack if you people dissappoint me so would the people of Ghana because the ordinary Ghanaians are lookong up to us APC to give them alternative to these two useless political parties, NPP and NDC”, he stressed.

On behalf of the newly acclaimed executives, the newly acclaimed Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Party Mr. Hislord Tettey Anang expressed their gratitude and thanked the Presidential Candidate who doubles up as the founder, Dr. Hassan Ayariga for the opportunity given them to serve the party and people of Ghana.

He pointed out that, the present government has been a disappointment to the people of Ghana therefore the intervention of APC to make Ghanaians equal notwithstanding one political difference.

To that effect,Mr. Anang made a passionate call to the youth to arise, uphold and defend the good name of Ghana by voting APC into power.

Adding that, “APC will implement polices that will cater for the aged including some of the leaders in power who are over seventy years and still wants to remain in governments without thinking about their pension”.

He therefore acknowledged that, “As the Regional Chairman of APC party; it is my responsibility to mobilize all constituencies within the region, down to electoral areas to the polling stations and to open up the eyes of all Ghanaians especially the people in the Greater Accra region about the mission and vision to this party”.

Emphasizing that, “APC wouldn’t be “muncha endi, family and friends who focus only on delegates, school and church mates, sixty and seventy seventy and corrupt and selfish party like the others”

All Peoples’ Party he asserted stands for all inclusive government that, when voted into power would recognize all Ghanaians down to the grassroots regardless of their political affiliate.

“The APC when voted in power will make provisions for the unemployed graduates until they are employed, introduce free tertiary education, lift the poorly managed free SHS burdens on parents and guardians’ with good policies and implementions” he elaborated.

Ghana he explained is sinking due to the failure of both the main opposition party, National Democrati Congress and the ruling party, New Patriotic Party to honour their respective promises made to Ghanaians during elections period as well during ther tenure in government.

“It is time to bring accountability to the people of this country, the percentages of corruption in the previous and present government are equal therefore they should not be entertained by Ghanaians”, he noted.

The newly elected Greater Accra Chairman, Mr. Tettey Anag used the ocassion to appeal to the people of Ghana not to underestimate the All Peoples’ Congress party led by Dr. Hassan Ayariga as its Flagbearer.

And also called the media to give an equal opportunity to APC representative(s) o be part of their morning shows on television and radio stations to propagate the good pratical policies and programs of Ayariga-led government.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com/ Ishmael Barfi

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