Akua Donkor, Odike, Akpaloo sabotaged by EC and NPP government

The deceitful and use and dump NPP government has deliberately schemed to deny Akua Donkor and many other one-man party from contesting the 2020 Presidential elections

As EC announces presidential filing fee and pegs it at Ghc 100,000

Parliamentary filing fee pegged at Ghc 10,000

It is clear the deliberate decision taking by the EC which allegedly takes orders from the NPP government to hike the presidential filing fee so that their surrogates (doing dirty work for NPP) like Akua Donkor, Odike, Kofi Akpaloo and others leading one-man parties as many wonders how they can raise such amount as filing fee.

The Electoral Commision of Ghana on Monday, 14th September,2020 annunced that, this year nomination forms fees for Presidential Candiates will be GH 100,00 whiles GH 10,000 for Parliamentary Candidates.

Source: Adnan Adams

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