Highlights from APC ‘The Nation’s’ Manifesto Launch

The long waited manifesto launch of the All People’s Congress took place yesterday, 1st October,2020 at the Under Bridge Event Center in Accra.

The Manifesto dubbed: ” The Nation’s” outlined the numerous policies the APC-lwd government would implement to ensure massive development and growth of Ghana’s economy and enhance the living condition of the ordinary Ghanaians.

The All Peoples’ Congress (APC), is one of the minor political parties participating in the upcoming December 7th general polls is led by the founder, Dr. Hassan Ayariga as its Presidential Candidate and believes to win the upcomig polls.

APC Flagbearer, Dr. Hassan Ayariga and his Wife, Anita Auariga

www.thenewindependentonline.com brings you some of the key highlights of the sixty-point document which include building an all-inclusive government, setting up a national data system, creating nationwide job centres, providing unemployment food and cash benefits as well as assigning different passports to various classes of citizens amongst others.

Below are the key highlights of the All Peoples’ Congress “The Nation’s” Manifesto

All-Inclusive Government

Speaking the official launch of the party Manifesto, Dr Ayariga believes that for Ghana to move on, there is the need to have an inclusive governance system, hence the only way to have all brains on board.

His party, he noted does not believe in the winner takes it all kind of politics, describing it as a military regime in disguise.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga addressing the press

Therefore indicated “what we need is the best out of the best to manage our affairs not because you voted for me or you voted against me but because you deserve the position to transform our nation.

Adding, “Because you are qualified to do the job because you have the requisite talent and skills to transform our country.”

National Data System 

On National Data System, the APC flagbearer explained that, its national database will be different from the NIA, thus, will collate the data of every person living in the country, going beyond demographics to income, property, wealth, etc.

This he believes will help create a platform for other state agencies to have access to information of citizens and foreigners, including the DVLA, BNI, National Security, etc.

Dr. Ayariga with his running mate

Currently, he bemoaned that, as a country, we are unable to give accurate information about our country but APC-led government will come with a national data system to capture the details and the information of every Ghanaian and everybody living in Ghana.

“This data system will capture fingerprints, facial recognition, identity, home address, work address, property, act”, he noted.

Adding, “All other institutions will feed on this data, national security, DVLA, BNI. The NIA is just a document to show that you are holding an ID card, but it does not give the full details.”

Citing, “when you have ten houses and the data shows that your income is GHC10,000 and you have a house worth 1 million cedis, we will compare.”

Nationwide Job Centers 

On Job Creation, Dr Ayariga revealed that, most students and citizens in the country finds it very difficult to get descent jobs and as a matter of fact young girls have become victims of rape, misuse, abuse just because they’re looking for jobs.

However, explained that, under his leadership as the President of the Republic come January 2021, job centers will be linked with businesses, public sector, private sector to enable job seekers looking for jobs, vacancies from various institutions to be keyed into the job centers.

“Through that, we will be able to know those who work and who don’t have jobs,” he added. 

Unemployment Benefits 

Regarding to benefits for unemployed citizens, the APC in its manifesto will provide benefits for the unemployed in the country who must have notified the government via the job centers.

Inaddition, food and cash will be provided on a monthly basis until individuals secure jobs.

Explaining further, Dr Ayariga said, those who get registered that they are unemployed come in two categories. Food benefit and cash benefit, and later housing benefit.

“You get money to rent a room and pay for your expenditure. Through our food security policy we will now channel foodstuff so that if you have five children, we will give you 25 kilos of rice, oil, and little cash for a month.” 

Unique Passports for Various Classes of Citizens 

The topmost highlight of the “The Nation’s” was the policy on having different passports for various classes of citizens.

Explaining this policy, the APC flagbearer indicated that, it is of importance for whoever comes in power to adopt this policy to protect the sovereignty of the country and citizenry.

According to him, Ghanaians are losing their place in the country to foreigners as a result of easy accessibility of the country national identity, passport among others.

Further stressing “we are fast losing our sovereignty, our property, our lands to foreigners and if we don’t stand up today we might become 21st-century slaves in the future. So, I intend to have three different kinds of passports when I’m president.”

Citing passport as number of the unique identifier for a first-class citizens: Those whose parents are Ghanaians. That passport and identity is the one only persons who hold that identity that can buy lands, houses, property in Ghana and can run for political positions.”

“Second class citizens: Your father is Ghanaian, mother is a foreigner or vice versa, you have a different option. You can only buy a property through your father or through your mother who is a Ghanaian. So, you cannot own property in your name.” 

The last but not the least is the third class citizens .”Those who have naturalized, parents are foreigners they’ve lived in Ghana. They cannot buy property in this country in their name, they cannot own property, they cannot contest for office,” Dr Ayariga explained. 

The flagbearer noted he was a patriotic citizen and he believes in Ghanaians first therefore believes that, “if we do not protect our sovereignty now, we will become 21st-century slaves because all the prime lands, best properties have been taken over by foreigners,”

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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