ABCDE holds Educational Stakeholders Round Table Forum

In efforts to promote and sustsin the teaching and learning experiences using technology, African Business Centre for Developing Education (ABCDE) is engaing government and private educational stakeholders in Accra today, 15th October, 2020.

The ABCDE Educational Stakeholders Round Table Forum under the theme: ” Adopting New Technologies for Teaching and Learning” is to solicit as well generate ideas and suggestions from educational stakeholders with regards to their respective roles in effort to enhance teaching through the use of technology.

The African Business Centre for Developing Education (ABCDE) is a UK and Ghana registered organisation in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

Cross Section of participants

Over the years, ABCDE had been striving to make a positive impact on the educational and business sectors of Ghana.

In addition, with the aim to strengthen the educational sector by introducing to second and third cycle educational institutions some of the professional knowledge existing in the business world which Senior High School (SHS) and tertiary students need to be employable or to create their own jobs after graduation.

Interestingly, through the ABCDE model, industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, company directors, chief executive officers and other professional from various industries, firms, the field of commerce and the service sector serve as Mentors and work directly with students to introduce them to a broad range of work-readiness skills such as negotiating skills, personal development skills, ICT, time management skills, decision-making skills, numeracy and literary skills.

The rest are positive work ethics, confidence, leadership interpersonal skills and teamwork among others.

The Round Table Forum is expected to generate workable recommendations to aid the reaching and learning experience, to garner private sector support for the promotion of alternative learning solutions using technology.

Also, to reintroduce ABCDE as a credible Non-Hovernmental Organisation (NGO) facilitating educational initiatives, identifying challenges and stumbling blocks in the Edutech spacd as well recognise some successful inmovative Edutech solutions.

The ABCDE Educational Stakeholders Round Table Forum is supported by Ecampus, WeGo Innovative, and sponsored by Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), Nasco electronics and Interplast Ghana.

Source: Ishmael Barfi

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