Mahama Endorsement: UFP Joins the fray


With barely five (5) days to Ghana’s Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, the main Opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) led by former President John Dramani Mahama is receiving overwhelming endorsements from other political parties.

For the past few weeks, smaller political parties such as the EGLE Party, Democratic People’s Party (DPP) has endorsed NDC and its Presidential Candidate.

These endorsement is believed to give the National Democratic Congress advantage over the ruling government.

The new political Party to join the fray is the United Front Party(UFP) who argued that John Mahama is the only person who can rescue Ghana from its present predicament.

Addressing the media in Accra on Tuesday, the Chairman abd the Presidential Candidate of UFP, Nana Agyenim Boateng stressed that, the level of corruption, incompetence, state of insecurity, nepotism, family and friends and the height of deception by what he refers Akufo Addo’s sickening Sakawa government necessitated their endorsement for the NDC.

High table at the press briefing

“We are therefore using this platform to plead with all Ghanaians to join the rescue mission and vote massively for John Dramani Mahama to put this country back to the path of progress”, he emphasized.

He therefore indicated that, Akufo Addo will go down the history of this country as the worse and most corrupt President.

General secretary of UFP, Mr. Emmanuel Boamah Mensah

He added that Akufo Addo who won the 2016 election on the deceitful slogan of incorruptibility and promised to fight the canker when voted for has become the biggest enabler of corruption and fighting back at people fighting corruption.

Batressing his point, he noted that, “Today Ghana is ranked among the three most corrupt countries in the world under President Akufo Addo. Today Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Manasseh Azure, Domelevo and the Citizen Vigilante Mr. Martin Amidu are all hiding in fear lf their dear lives for exposing corruption under Akufo Addo the mother serpent of all corruption”.

He accused President Akufo Addo of borrowing so much but with little to show in terms of development adding that, as it stands now Akufo Addo borrows 1.5million dollars per every hour.

Whilst John Dramani Mahama as President borrowed only 56 billion and his achievements in terms of schools, hospitals and hospital corruption is there for all to see.

He has therefore called on well meaning Ghanaians to kick out Akufo Addo and the NPP and vote massively for John Mahama and all NDC Parliamentary Candidates to inorder to put the country on the path of glory.

The endorsement was supported by the General Secretary of the Party Mr. Emmanuel Mensah Boamah and other leading members of the Party.


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