We will resist Attempts to add excess ballot Papers to the required ballot papers-Daniel Amartey

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The Deputy Director of Elections of the main opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Daniel Amartey has stated that, the NDC will resist any attempt by the Electoral Commissiom (EC) to bloat the ballot papers in the Greater Accra region by adding excess ballot papers to required ballot papers.

His comments follows the storming of the Buck Press in Ofankor yesterday by NDC supporters over suspicions of bloating the ballot papers by the EC.

Some of the agents at the Buck Press

The Buck Press is one of the Printing houses contracted to print the ballot papers and yesterday’s incident coupled with that of Innolink’s incident where the excess ballot papers were shredded, affirm NDC’s suspicions that the EC is up to a mischief.

Addressing the media after meeting the EC officials and the Buck Press management, Mr. Daniel Amartey explained that the EC wants to add unapproved ballot papers to the approved ones thereby bloating the ballot papers.

NDC Deputy Director of Elections, Daniel Amartey

He indicated that the EC did not heed to their advice of calculating the 5% of the ballot papers per polling stations as opposed to Constituency adding that, that has resulted in this misunderstanding.

Mr. Amartey stressed that they as a Party will resist any attempt to add the unapproved ballot papers to the approved ones until all the Constituency Officers are present at the Buck Press to witness the transportation of the ballot papers to the police armoury for the proper thing to be done.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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