By: Godwin Ako Gunn

I have wondered many times after lawyer Akoto Ampaw , the lawyer of the second respondent’s ( Mr. Akuffo Addo ) microphone exposed their fears and weakness of their defence .

Akoto Ampaw, cross examining the most general Asiedu Nketia, came across as one of the most difficult nuts he ever tried to crack .

So frustrated was he that, he got angry with some of the missiles that was being pushed to him to fire !!! Then the outburst ” you can’t confront him with the EC’s figures aahh !!! ‘

Comrades , what then is wrong with the EC’S figures that the NPP legal team is running away from ?
Who organised the elections ? Who collated the results ? Whose figures can be more reliable ?

The announced results of the EC , the custodian of all original electoral materials , pink sheets , results etc is being questioned ? Then which elections was organised ?

Why do they want to know the figures that the NDC have to be able to make their case ? Smh

Why was the EC opposed to making available the original documents in their possession ? I thought this documents are supposed to be public document ?

Hhmmm one day one day , a cow will be caught hiding in a hen coup !!!

If you access all the three (3) main elections organised by Jean Mensah , you will understand where we are today .

The first was the creation of new regions. Ballots were distributed on the streets to the willing and available to cast their votes . Electoral officers were also thumbprinting like kids trying their hands on typewriters . Basabasa like that .

The second elections was the Ayawaso West wougon by elections, where people were brutalised , arms and gunshots were fired like a war zone and in broad day light .

The third is what we are seeing in court now . Percentages keep changing by the day . Abysmal and criminally giving votes freely to candidates !!!

In all these , she praised herself for a very good job done !!!

The case is still in court so time will tell . Comrades , Lets not look at the side issues and throw our hands in dispair , stay focused , I can assure you that the case is a good one

Keep calm, there are better days ahead !!!

Kun fa Yakun

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