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Ghanaian Youth urged to hold country in high esteem

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Ghanaian Youth urged to hold country in high esteem

Source: GNA

Mr Francis Asamani, the Adaklu District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has called on the youth to hold the country in high esteem in all endeavours.

He said as future leaders their actions affected the country positively or negatively.

Mr Asamani made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Adaklu Waya at the end of the 2021 citizenship week celebration, on the theme: “We Are One, Ghana First.”

He said the Week was introduced as part of the annual Constitution Week, which begun in 2001.

It was to inculcate values to help shape the youth and make them responsible leaders, who would place Ghana first and work for her development, Mr Asamani said.

He urged them to shun practices like gayism, lesbianism, alcoholism, drugs, fornication and the desire to get rich quick, which would jeopardise their future.

He advised them to take their studies seriously to get to the pinnacle of their chosen careers and take up the mantle of leadership.

As part of the celebration, the NCCE visited 15 schools in the district where they held talk shows.

Mr Asamani said people with diverse professions and backgrounds serving as role models addressed the students.

Source: GNA

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