We Contribute To Raise Modern Contraceptive And option for HIV/AIDS Preventions”… DKT In’tal.

We Contribute To Raise Modern Contraceptive And option for HIV/AIDS Preventions”… DKT In’tal.

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DKTT International, a registered social marketing company whose main focus is to improve lives of the ordinary Ghanaian has advised Ghanaian parents to spacing up the birth of their children.

This according to them, would help them to provide good education secure the future of their wards, hence the needed quality lifestyle and education.

At a day workshop organized by DKT International at Sefwi Wiaso in the Western North Region, the General Manager Regulatory affairs , Pharmacovigilance and QPPV and also head of medical detailing Mr. Abdulai Adamu, indicated that his outfit is into manufacturing of modern contraceptive drugs such as Lady post pill, condoms and many other birth control pills for both parents.

We Contribute To Raise Modern Contraceptive And option for HIV/AIDS Preventions”… DKT In’tal.

“For that matter it is very crucial to educate the parents on how to use the drugs to spacing their birth for better and health lifestyle and good education”.

Mr. Adamu called on the Ghanaian population to purchase more of their drugs above the rest because DKT International strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of the Food and Drugs Authority.

This makes their product subjected to third party testing, and also operate with World Health Organization (WHO) pre-qualified facilities.

According to Him, Dkt is a registered enterprise founded in 1989 with the main focus on the power of social marketing of the largest countries within the greatest needs for family planning. HIV/AIDS preventions and safe abortion.

He said, the company DKT though is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and also a non profitable entity but has achieve tremendously health impact and done it cost efficiently.

The manager of DKT International Mr. Abdulai Adamu and the participants at the workshop in Sefwi Wiaso at Western North Region

“We work mostly in the private sector and also supports the public sector, often partnering with government health facilities to reach the total market”, Mr. Abdulai Adamu stated.

Stressing on their mission, the general manager mentioned that DKT contribution is to raise modern contraceptive prevalence rate, reduce maternal mortality and provide option for HIV/AIDS preventions through dynamics social marketing in Ghana”.

And has a capacity of increase availability and affordability of quality birth control methods by strengthening the supply chain and improving methods mix variety.

“By so doing we have increase the demand for reproductive health product, media and education campaigns and capacity of providers to offer high quality health care through training and support”.

Touching on Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) the manager encouraged the Over Counter Chemical Sellers to always report on ADR, ” this will empower us to take appropriate regulatory actions to reduce them”.

Emphasing on the main reasons for the workshop, Mr. Adamu explained that, it is to educate licensed chemical sellers over the counter sales of medication in the regions under the theme a “must reportage on ADR admist of COVID-19”.

Aimed at equipping participants with the requisite knowledge on the adverse effects of drug reactions and the need to report them.

He advised the licensed over the counter medicine sellers and health personnel to make enough time to counsel their clients on the right usage of medicines they purchase and the need to report on ADR.

Mr. Kingsley N. Nti, the Deputy Regional Manager, pharmacy council commended DKT for the laudable, educative and healthy forum for the benefit not only to the chemical seller but all worker under health services and the general public.

“This is a training of trainee and very important and learnful experience, most of our drugs we buy have ADR, where, when and how to report has become a problem but today DKT has come to our rescue and we are grateful”, Mr. Nti.

He said pharmacy council would ensure that drugs are taken according to prescription.

He urged the Ghanaian public to report on any ADR to the necessary authority when it occurs.

As a health worker while thinking of COVID19, we must also be mindful of essential healthcare service and pharmaco-vigilance.

The regional director suggested that all chemical health worker must consider ADR very serious and always put the experience into good use for the benefit of all.

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