Fund for HIV/AIDS cure Launched

As the world strives to provide cure for Human Immune Virus(HIV)/Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome (AIDS), the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission a non-governmental organisation has taken another bold step by launching Fund that will aid this quest.

The COA Research Fund is to help the Center to further its research on potential drugs including COA FS, COA 72, and other COA products for the cure of HIV/AIDS and chronic diseases by The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission.

According to the center, the COA FS product is a pure organic dietary supplement which bioenergises, rejuvenates and harmonises the immunological cells due to phytochemical compounds, which warrant its use as supplement in human health.

Speaking at the launch in Accra, the Executive President of the Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission, Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan explained that, the center has identified diseases as one of the problems confronting peace of humanity.

Hence, the Center he said scientifically developed and produced potential drugs for such diseases.

Furthermore, the learned Proffesor hinted that, due to that, the Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission, discovered a formula through which further research has resulted in the discovery of a potential drug for the cure of HIV/AIDS, exactly thirteen years ago on 26 August, 2006.

Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan few months ago was honoured by the Alfred Nobel University (ANU) Ukraine with an Honorary Professional Degree for his immense contribution to quality research particularly in the health sector.

Discovery of this potential drug, Prof. Duncan revealed that, over $20.000 million has been spent on researching into the discovery, but noted that a lot more remains to be done in actualising the aim in finding a permanent cure to HIV/AIDS.

According to him, the formula he discovered thirteen years ago has proven from retrospective studies from credible Research Institutions that, it has some potentials of curing HIV/AIDS.

Stressing that, if the Centre gets the right equipment and machines for the drugs production, moral and financial support, it will put together researchers to conduct further research on the COA Products using international Standard Protocol set by the WHO believing that, within two to four years, Ghana and the whole world will boast of having cure for HIV/AIDS, the dream of all persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, these drugs have gone through the initial stages of scientific research by the following institutions:

• Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine
• Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research –University of Ghana
• The University of Kwazulu Natal of South Africa.

Indicating that, a fully funded research into the adjunctive use of COA FS on Tuberculosis at the Master level by the center is currently ongoing by the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology –school of Medical Science of University of Cape Coast.

This research which is expected to be completed by the end of year 2020 and is estimated to cost USD 150,000.00.

“All people living with HIV/AIDS across the Globe, my quest for finding cure for the disease is not for my personal or monetary gain but for the permanent freedom I want for all persons living with the condition called HIV/AIDS across the globe, he opined.

And emphasizes that “HIV is very dangerous virus the world must develop an antidote to stop its spread or eliminate it completely,”

However, Prof. advised Persons Living with HIV and AIDS not to abandon their Antiretroviral medications while taking the COA FS, but to take the later as an immune booster to quicken the process of repressing the viral loads and their CD4 Counts.

Therefore used the occassion to call on all and sundry to come on board as they further the research on the deadly disease.

Though they are not only targeting the cure for HIV/AIDS but other diseases currently without cure such as Cancers, Hepatitis, Kidney failures and Tuberculosis.

Meanwhile, Individuals and organisations can donate to the fund through the following;
1. Bank – GCB Bank with the account name – Centre of Awareness Global Peace Fund Account Number (USD): 3171500000021 Account Number (GHS): 3171130000499
2 Swift Code: GHCBGHAC
3. Vodafone Cash: +233(0)501136370
4. MTN Mobile Money: +233(0)555599996

Source: Ishmael Barfi


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