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King Ali Awudu Still Remains President-CCT

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Story by: Ishmael Barfi

Setting the record straight at its National Secretariat in Accra, members of the Coalition of Concern Teachers Ghana (CCT) has emphatically stated that, the National President of the Coalition King Ali Awudu, still remains its National President.

In addition to that, all members of the National Executive Council (NEC) are functional,  hence the Constitution of Coalition of Concerned Teachers- Ghana till remains in force and functional.

This was disclosed at a Press Conference organised by the Coalition to rubbish the recent outburst and conduct of what they call “unscrupulous”  members of the Coalition whose actions and conducts are detrimental to the progress and growth of CCt-Ghana across the country.

According to the National President who read the stance of the Coalition at the presser indicated that, “We are not in an animal’s kingdom where it is the survival of the fittest, unless we want to disintegrate the Union”.

CCT Ghana King Ali indicated, is a legally registered Teacher Union with a guiding Constitution and therefore, no individual can just ‘tickle him/herself and laugh’ claiming to have taken over the affairs of the Union.

“Hope this is not the agenda of those disgruntled few individuals. If it is, then we can assure them that, they have failed and will continue to fail”.

Though there may be squabbles and misunderstandings among members of over twenty-five thousand, King Ali was quick to say that, this does not warrant for negative and illegal actions meant to put the Coalition into a state of disarray.

“Nobody is holding on to power illegally as every action is supported by the Constitution of CCT Ghana”.

Giving details of the unscrupulous group at the Press  conference, King Ali Awudu stated that, this ‘unscrupulous’ group made up of 7 members wrote to the Coalition stakeholders on a forged Letterhead that, the President of the Coalition has been dismissed and NEC dissolved.

To drum down their message,  the Coalition President explained that, the same members held a press conference in the Ashanti Region, claiming that Ashanti Regional CCT Ghana support them was a lie

However, he stressed “Ashanti CCT Ghana has never and would never support such illegality”.

WIth regards to the fake use of the Coalition letterhead, Mr. Awudu revealed that, a report have been made at the Ghana Police Service CID Headquarters to investigate those individuals.

As well as a report been made to the employer, Ghana Education Service (GES) of the illegal conduct of those teachers and members.

“One Writ and one application for interlocutory injunction have been filled at the High Court to deal with the illegal claim of talking over the Union and to restrain them from any further action. The Suit Number for the Writ is GJ/0351/2022 and the Suit Number for the interlocutory injunction is GJ/0351/22”.

According to him, there are other suits including contempt application on those running commentaries on both Traditional and Social media to defame the CCT Ghana and the CCT Fund and in attempt to prejudice the case before the Court.

“CCT Ghana chalked ten years in December 2021. Through the able leadership of the President, Mr. King Ali Awudu, with the support of NEC, Officers and hardworking Members, CCT Ghana have received recognition both Nationally and Internationally”.

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers-Ghana (CCT-GH) President therefore assured members that, his leadership will always fight for the welfare of members and teachers as a whole and urge all Officers and Members of the Union to stand resolute with them these trying times.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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