Opare-Ansah bemoans politics of exclusion rearing its ‘ugly’ head in NPP

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An aspiring General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Frederick Opare-Ansah, has bemoaned the current politics of exclusion rearing its ugly head in the NPP.

According to him, that style of politicking being spearheaded by the current National Executives will not help the party to win the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Mr Opare-Ansah who is also the former MP for Suhum said the challenge faced by the party requires a different kind of leadership style; which the current national executives are unable to offer.

“I have been talking about the non-inclusion of some members of the NPP. They have become apathetic to the party; there are a whole host of former MPs, government appointees and officeholders of the party who have given up and no one is even approaching them to bring them back on board. Politics is about numbers,” he added.

He further pointed out in an interview that, moments after officially declaring his intention of contesting the General Secretary position of the party, that party officials, like polling station officials, coordinators are needed, but they are not the only ones needed to win a general election.

“The party officials would not be more than three hundred thousand; you need over six or seven million votes to win the presidential election, and a number close to that to win the majority of parliamentary seats. We need to go back for those who feel excluded.”

“That is why I am presenting myself. I have told my campaign team and all those coming on board that do not go and speak against anyone because after winning, they would need, Mr John Boadu himself, the current General Secretary, we would invite him if he would not invite me I would invite him like I am doing with the former MP I defeated, I move everywhere with him.”

“If he does not want to come with me, I would tire him into a car and move around with him for him to help with the party work, the party would need his contribution for the party to be maintained in power, but the style of excluding people in the party if we do not stop would affect us.”

Touching on the raging debate on the controversial Electronic Transfer Levy bill (E-Levy) Mr Opare-Ansah wondered why he hasn’t been approached by the party to help in the communications on the policy since his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is unparalleled.

“Again, I have said I do not think there is anyone who can debate the E-Levy better than me, but no one has approached me to help the debate, I would avail myself but no one has approached me. If I were in office, I would go looking for the best people in the field to come and help the party because one person does not possess knowledge.”

“I have dared the party if they have anyone who can debate the e- levy better than me that person should come and meet me for us to be in the studios and debate for Ghanaians to listen to us.”

Source: www.thenewsroomonline.com

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