GIREC of BDA Runs to Ashiaman … As Chief and His Entourage Welcome Them


Story By: Jamila Wahab


The Greater Accra Regional executives ( GIREC)of the Bissa Development Association (BDA) has finally visit the Bissa palace and the Bissa Community in Ashaiman.

The visit was to familiarize, introduce and sell the agenda of BDA to the Bissa Chief and members of Bissas community in Ashiaman .

This includes the establishment of BDA zone in Ashiaman  which would be under the umbrella of Zekula, hence explains the six strategic goals, plans and would aid networking in the country, hence the need to join the association.

Greater Accra Chairman of BDA Shaibu Adam Alale

At the arrival of BDA GIREC, there was a huge turnout at the palace waiting to be sensitised on the association’s strategic goals.

Speaking at the meeting, the National Chairman, Alhaji Shaibu Musa Gutare Zanni, who accompanied the GIREC team said Ashaiman will play a huge role in making the Bissa dream a reality.

He said Bissas among all other tribes in Ghana, are lacking behind, therefore there is a need for people of Bissa to develop and help each other and as well as encourage all to be proud of speaking the Bissa local language.

“One of our aims is to establish a zone in Ashiaman and we therefore urge each and every Bissa to show interest of becoming a member of the Association.”

Alhaji Zanni further indicated that, the Zones shall be guided by six strategic goals that would address the numerous  challenges the Bissas are facing hence the need to achieve the Zekula the Bissas are yearning for.

Chairman Gutare further stated that one of the major goals was to encourage all Bissas to be a members and to subscribe to the Nuna dues-payment system, which will ensure every member automatically pays at least GHC 5 cedi to the National Bissa Coffers for the development of Bissa communities.

The Bissa Chief of Ashaiman, Kir Usman Issah Bansi

He emphasized that the goals will also talk about the falling Educational system in the Bissa community, the language barrier, the current economic situation and many others.

Alhaji Shaibu Musa Gutare Zanni used the occasion to thank the Chiefs and people of Ashaiman for the warm welcome, remarking that, “today marks another beautiful opportunity in our journey to meet and fraternise as Bissas”.

“It’s a great opportunity for me and my executive members to be offered the opportunity to serve our people”, he noted.

The turnout he noted was overwhelming, and “I am sure we still have more members who couldn’t make it here,” he said.

The Association task he noted is to engage more members and establish a zone in every corner of the region, and me and my regional executive we are ready for it.”

The GIREC Chairman Shaibu Adam Alale on his part thank chief and people of Bissa of Ashaiman for their warm reception

He said since the inauguration of “GIREC in August, led by myself as the Chairman, we have begun a vigorous sensitization campaign to build the zonal structures in the region, and Ashiaman became just the second community we have visited in a matter of weeks”.

“We have already visited some members at Kawokudi and others at Mamobi-Nima, and we are here today in Ashaiman for the same zekula mission”, he said.

Mr. Alale called on the leaders of Ashiaman, to encourage members of Bissa to join the BDA in order to unite Bissa community and as well as encourage all members to subscribe to the flagship Nuna Dues-paying system.

Kir (chief) Usman Issah Bansi the supreme overlords of Bissa in Ashaiman at Esikafuo Amba Ntem expressed gratitude to the executive members of BDA for their Lauderdale kind gesture of introducing BDA to the Bissa community of Ashaiman.

This is what we have being waiting for a very long time to see all Bissas coming together under one umbrella of Zekula to uphold the good name of its mother tongue.

“We pray this will go along way to help all Bissas in the near future”.

The youth leader, Hamza Halidu Sarene said the mobilization of the youth will begin with immediate effect to expedite action in forming the Ashaiman Zone.

“We will offer a platform to project the BDA’s strategic goals for the people and we will make sure Bissa of Ashaiman will subscribe to BDA’s agenda aimed at building a formidable fraternity to live on”.

Adding that, “We therefore ready to vie for leadership positions when nominations are open to all”.

Vice chairperson Magaajia Khadija Ali Danbonni

Magaajia” Khadija Ali Dabonni, the second in command of the organization took her turn to expressed worries over the absence of the women at the gathering.

She said women are the pillars and gatekeepers of every house hold and as such the need to join this noble association.

Claiming that on the 19th of November 2022 a collective powerful Bissa Women’s Wing of BDA will celebrate women’s entrepreneurship across the country.

“This will serve as an established female group within the Association and come under the auspices of the Women’s Commission (WOCOM) that will give most women who have nothing to do some skills training, Magaajia” Khadija explains”, he stressed.


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