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Puma Energy Extends Solar Installation Offer to Industrial and Commercial Customers

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Christopher Dantcikian, Puma Energy General Manager in Ghana


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To ensure efficiency in it’s operations, Puma Energy has 14 solar sites running well delivering low carbon power and to improve upon this, Puma Energy is willing to offer solar installation partnerships to its commercial and industrial customers in Ghana as part of USD 33 million investment in solar in Accra.

Puma Energy today announces that from 2023 it will offer its commercial and industrial customers the chance to install solar on their sites. The news comes after the Puma’s fourteen solar projects at its retail stations and terminals in Ghana proved to be a huge success.

The fourteen Puma Energy sites in Ghana demonstrate that the concept of solar installation works and Puma will now invest USD 33 million to offer solar solutions to its commercial and industrial customers in Ghana and across Africa.

In July 2022, Puma Energy’s ESG strategy set out plans to install solar generation at 200 sites across its global network by the end of 2022.  The fourteen sites in Ghana contribute to the target. These projects benefit from Ghana’s high solar energy potential and have a total capacity of 447kWp and associated battery storage of 227 kWh.

Puma Energy also announced that, by 2027, 30% of its income (EBITDA) in Africa will come from clean and transition fuels and the roll out of solar generation partnerships with Puma’s commercial and industrial customers will contribute to that aim.

Christopher Dantcikian, Puma Energy GM in Ghana said, “The roll out of solar generation across our assets in Ghana has been a huge success and proves the technology works from an economic and technical perspective.

“Africa and Ghana in particular, have a great potential for solar power. So, having shown the concept works we are now offering our commercial and industrial customers the chance to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Ghana was the first country in Africa to benefit from our programme to add solar power to our sites and we are now excited to be able to share the benefits of our solar expertise with our customers.”

The solar power generation at 11 of the 14 sites is supported by battery storage meaning the sites can run from the power of the sun up to 100% of the time.

In total Puma Energy operates 75 retail sites and four terminals across Ghana.

It also supplies fuel at Kotoka Airport and directly employs over 150 people with many more employed directly by local companies that operate the Puma retail sites.

Puma Energy has committed an investment of USD 33 million to roll out its solar offer to its customers, starting with Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia.

In it’s 2022 Sustainability Report and ESG Strategy, Puma Energy made a commitment to achieve 30% of its Africa EBITDA from clean and transition fuels.

Having completed the solarisation of Puma Service Stations in Ghana, the roll out of solar solutions for Puma Energy Commercial and Industrial customers is part of that aim.

List of Puma Energy Solar projects in Ghana


Location Type
Ridge Terminal
Tema Terminal
Takoradi Terminal
Adenta Retail
Agbora Retail
Asafo Retail
Airport Retail
Haartso Retail
Kasowa Retail
Jejeti Retail
Lashibi Retail
Mim Retail
Sunvani Retail
Sowotum Retail


About Puma Energy

Puma Energy is a leading global energy business, safely providing energy across six continents. Our downstream business segments include fuels, aviation, lubricants, LPG and bitumen. We have 1,998 retail sites (700 in Africa), a network of bitumen terminals and we are present at 108 airports.  Our purpose is energising communities to help drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving our customers’ needs in high potential countries around the world.