NDC Delegates’ Congress: Police Officers heckle MPs, Greater Accra Regional Chairman & Journalists

Scenes of MPs & Regional Chairman heckled at the Congress Grounds
Story by: Ishmael Barfi


It seems some officers of the Ghana Police Service stationed at the 10th National Delegates Congress of the main opposition party, the National democratic Congress (NDC) is there to create ‘confusion’ than protecting lives and properties.

The actions of these officers especially one Otto at the main gate of the Accra Sports Stadium to the VIP stand who refused to grant Members of Parliament (MPs) entering to the stadium through the created access was worrying and disturbing, tarnishing the image of the Police Service.

Interestingly, after a back and forth lasting for 30 minutes, the said police officer directed the MPs to use a passage under a tree at the same entrance he refused them entering.

In the process of the being refused to enter, one of the Member of Parliament for Akasti South in the person of Lawyer Benard Ahiafor lost his delegate’s tag leaving the hook hanging around his neck.

Member of Parliament for Kasti South, Lawyer Benard Ahiafor prevented from entering

The struggle to enter was yet to be over when another Police Officer came in  refusing him entry and  was not ready to listen or acknowledge the MP, but continued to  insist for his Delegate’s tag.

This caught the attention of a photo journalist who persistently confirmed the personality of Lawyer Benard Ahiafor before him and his colleagues’ MPs were granted pass.

This actions of these police officers made many supporters and other dignitaries around to ask numerous questions as to whether they are there to ensure safety of delegates and supporters or there to create ‘confusion’ in the name of providing security, hence heckling and embarrassing prominent personalities and law abiding supporters at the ongoing delegates’ congress.

In relation to the above, the same officer Otto and one officer Sasu Mensah was seen busily heckling the newly elected Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Nii Ashie Moore at one of the designated entrances.

Stranded Members of Parliament standing in the sun at the VIP entrance gate

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman was refused entry to the premises of the congress grounds, the Accra Sports Stadium with a loaded KIA truck of chairs meant for dignitaries at the Daise.

Though the Regional Chairman introduced himself as the host as well as the Chairman for the Security Committee of the Delegates’Congress, the officer Otto and Sasu Mensah collectively denied him entry.

The Regional Chairman appeal feel on deaf ear that, the two officers were reluctant and unwilling to allow him access to the congress grounds to discharge his official duties.

This made Nii Ashie Moore to stay behind the entrance for more than two hours though respected personalities intervened.

Scenes of MPs & Regional Chairman heckled and refused from entering to the congress grounds

This made one of the officers to question Nii Ashie Moore credibility saying “Greater Accra Regional Chairman and so what” and called the Chairman a “liar”.

This infuriated the Regional Chairman to voice out saying, “this is not Police Congress, Please”, but the Police officers, led by Sasu Mensah and Otoo remained adamant.

Journalists of respected media firms also had their share of heckling despite their accredited press tags.

And delegates mandated to cast their votes at the ongoing Delegates Congress of the main opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) also had their share of the heckling by the police officers stationed at the congress grounds.

This inhumane actions of some of these police officers is giving room to the speculation that, some officers are been planted at the congress grounds to create problems for the NDC followers, hence to be seen as troublemakers.

The main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress goes to the polls to elect it’s national executives to run the affairs of the party for a term of four years and also ensure that, the party wins power in the next Presidential and Parliamentary election in 2024.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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