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Suspensions Begin in Okaikoi North NPP as Executive Descend on Dokua’s Opponents

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Report by: Political Desk



The New Patriotic Party’s mantra to ‘Break the 8’ has started unravelling at Okaikoi North in Accra.

The Constituency Executive led by Chairman Stephen Addai has started kicking out longstanding members of the party on the instructions of Dokua, the party’s usurping parliamentary candidate.

The first to be pushed onto the sword was Alfred Amoo, the Chairman of Booth 48 Polling Station at Abofu in Okaikoi North, one of the party’s founding members from 1992.

In what looked like an orchestrated meeting to embarrass Mr. Amoo, who is popularly known as ‘Opooman’, sources close to the party said that he had been invited to a ‘closed door’ meeting with the Constituency Executive over certain comments he made on a WhatsApp Platform about Dokua Asiamah-Adjei.

Dokua is the current NPP Candidate for Okaikoi North after a controversial primary. Her controversial elections has led to widespread fractures in the party.

When Opooman arrived at the venue with some friends, however, he discovered that a significant portion of the constituency Executive had gathered.

Also gathered were members of the Constituency Council of Elders as well as the District Chief Executive for Okaikoi North.

The entire mission for the day, it seemed, was for Opooman to withdraw and recant statements he had made to the effect that Dokua was not qualified to be the Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency.

Madam Dokua first made her appearance in the affairs of the party at Okaikoi North in February 2023. Before then, she had never attended a single party program in the constituency or paid a Cedi in dues in the party.

She somehow managed to have her nomination papers fraudulently accepted by the constituency, regional and national executives, even though she did not present a voter identification card or a party card that indicated that she belonged to the constituency.




Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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