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President Tinubu Declares April 7 National Police Day, Rewards Outstanding Officers

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Written By: Jacobs Dunga, Lagos



The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Timubu has declared the first week of April as police week and the last day, April 7, as the National Police Day.

During the maiden edition of the Nigeria Police Awards and Commendations ceremony at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, the president, represented by his vice, Kashim Shettima spoke about reforms in the NPF.

The goal of the president is to transform the Police into a “modern, professional and accountable institution that mirrors the aspirations and values of Nigeria.”

This, and many more is what the incumbent government has been working on to enhance the mentality of the institution generally.

The upgrade of the Police has been a priority for this government owing to concerns over insecurity in the nation.

The president has created reforms to better equip, enhance, and fortify Nigerian Police Officers to allow operations to be carried out more efficiently.

In his speech, he emphasized the need to engage members of the Police in advanced training and capacity building to equip them with the demands of proper policing.

He therefore, through the Vice President, approved the first week of April and the last day of the week as Police Week and National Police Day respectively.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in our tradition of honoring the police force in the life of this great nation, we have approved the adoption of the first week of April as Police Week. Furthermore, the last day of the week, the 7th of April, is hereby declared National Police Day in Nigeria.”

“Tonight, I must remind you that we don’t see you as just the shields of the nation. We don’t see you as robots. This is why we are here. We are here to humanize you,” he declared.

Delivering the president’s speech titled, “Courage Under Fire: A Bouquet for Our Police Force,” VP Shettima said at a time in Nigeria’s history when the nation’s security architecture is being stretched beyond elastic limits, the citizens have been able to endure in the face of security threats as well as attacks on their lives and livelihoods due to the commitment of the police.

“Your exemplary valor doesn’t only represent the pinnacle of patriotism that binds us but also instills confidence that brighter days lie just beyond the horizon,” President Tinubu added.

He then emphasized the need for his government to transform the Police into a modern and professional institution that will be accountable to society.

“Our idea of a modern police force goes beyond superficial changes like repainting office buildings and residences or simply procuring firearms.

True reform of our security doctrine and its architecture necessitates recognizing the importance of administering justice and adhering to our ethical values to foster stability and order in the nation.

“The transformation we seek must transcend mere policy and infrastructure; it requires a fundamental overhaul of our institutional mentality and memory.”

“This includes acquiring fit-for-purpose equipment, weapons, ammunition, and armored carriers to provide cover and protection for officers in combat situations”.

These endeavors will be supported by suitable measures to enhance the status of our officers and personnel both during their service and after retirement,” he concluded.

The president aims to rejuvenate the Police Force and equip them with the knowledgeable skills and expertise required in modern policing.

The government vowed they would upgrade equipment and technology to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the force.
Several outstanding Police officers were recognized for their diligent service to the Police Force and were duly rewarded.



Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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