‘Legal Authority’ is the Requisite Tool to Build Strong Economy-DistinSA

‘Legal Authority’ is the Requisite Tool to Build Strong Economy-DistinSA

Report by: Ishmael Barfi

Africa governments including Ghana has been called upon to adopt, recognize ‘legal authority’ as the requisite tool to build their respective countries’ economy to enhance the living condition of their citizenry.

According to Distinguished Scholars of Africa (DistinSA)  led by its President, Dr. Nana Oppong  explained that there is the need for Africa government to appreciate ‘legal authority’ and utilize it to its fullest to build the economy muscles as they implement policies to improve the socio-economic of the ordinary Africans in the Sub-region including Ghana.

Launching a new book: ‘Authority’ in Accra, on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Dr. Oppong reiterated the need for every one who desires for economic freedom to make it a point to grab a copy of the book as its spells out how ‘Authority’ is of essence to achieve this economic freedom.

'Legal Authority' is the Requisite Tool to Build Strong Economy-DistinSA
Legal Authority’ is the Requisite Tool to Build Strong Economy-DistinSA

The book introduces legal authority as the fifth, but the most important and newest factor of production in economics compared to the already existing four namely; capital, labour, management, and natural resources.

To him, these existing four factors of prduction have been sold to Ghana and other countries for ages as the only effective way to build an economy by the ‘so-called’ powerful countries from the West when these factors are incomplete without ‘Authority’.

Throwing more light on the subject of the book: ‘Authority’, the renowned and distinguished scholar emphasized that the misconception on how countries can build their economy has become an obstacle to economic progress, leaving countries endowed with precious resources to wallow in poverty.

Ghana and the rest of Africa, Dr Nana Oppong noted, it  is time for these Africa countries to realise their greatness and make meaningful use of legal authority to foster development without depending on the western donors.

The adoption of legal authority which is at the same time the technical authority, the intellectual authority, and the combined capacities of the mind to him, Dr. Oppong needs to work harmoniously, and creatively in the near future in a way that is environmentally friendly, thus no scarcity of wants and needs of the citizenry which he believes would enable the economy to grow at ‘their’ own pace.

He further went on to say, Political Authority as practiced globally is not enough though it is one aspect of Authority adding that for this aspect of Authority to be complete and whole, there is the need to put into practice the technical authority which is scientific, technological, legal, cultural, and artistic.

To this effect he said “We need to merge all these authorities for one purpose which is the welfare of Ghanaians, the welfare of Africans”.

Dr. Nana Oppong therefore pointed out that, when Africa governments do the above, “we will be able to remove the obstacles and the things that cause problems; the poverty, the ignorance, the lack of competence, and so on and so forth so that we have an economy not based on our weakness but on our greatness.

Gracing the book launch as a Special Guest Speaker,Jacob Osei Yeboah who contested as an Independent Candidate in 2013 and 2016 Presidential election in Ghana agreed to the idealogy conceived by the Distinguished Scholars of Africa President, Dr. Nana Oppong.

To him, this is welcoming and he as a person strongly believes that relying so much on economic indicators provided by people in the west is not the best way to go to develop the Ghanaian economy.

“Once there is an economic and social reconstruction motivated by the adoption of legal authority, the politics will be straightened up for the right things to be done for the country to enjoy desired development that would be felt by all and sundry.

Joining the call for Ghana government and that of other African countries to adopt ‘Legal Authority’, Dr. Bernard Tetteh-Dumanya who is a member of DistinSA articulated that it is time to change the narrative on exporting natural resources to merit money borrowing.

To this effect, he called on Africa leaders to take the bold steps to maximize the use of ‘legal authority’ to decide on what happens to resources of their respective countries.

“It is not only we give it [the country’s cocoa] to the Netherlands and UK and people and now go and borrow money. That is the lazy way of doing things, so what we are trying to say is that our natural resources which are part of the factors of production can be harnessed and improved upon if we have the ideas and the intellectual capacity to do so”, he concluded.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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