Sack Disrespectful ‘Madam is not there’ MCE – Evalue Dwire Traditional rulers to President

Sack Disrespectful ‘Madam is not there’ MCE
– Evalue Dwire Traditional rulers to President

Story by: Frederick E. Aggrey

The Nzema East Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Frank Okpenyen has come under fire from the citizenry and traditional rulers of the municipality for what they term as gross incompetence, failure of office and inefficiency.

According to a cross-section of individuals who spoke to this paper, the MCE has been the worst performing government representative in Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s administration, disgracing the party and causing the party to loss the seat to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

They accused the MCE of not being ‘his own man’, but instead existing in the shadows of the former Tourism Minister and former MP, Catherine Afeku, who according to them influenced the appointment of the MCE to control and manipulate him.

They asserted that, anytime any initiative is needed in the municipality, the MCE would always tell people that “madam is not there”, meaning without the presence and approval of Catherine Afeku, he could not act; earning him the accolade, ‘madam is not there’ MCE.

According to the disgruntled individuals, the MCE has not undertaken any development or even initiated any activity to support the development of the municipality, only to be ‘dancing to the tune’ and ‘licking the boots’ of the former MP.

They appealed to the President to change the MCE, if he wishes to succeed in his last term of office, adding that, “this is the time for Nana Addo to leave a landmark legacy in the history books of Ghana”; and the MCE will derail all his developmental efforts, according to the residents.
Nsein Traditional Council Calls For MCE’s Sack

Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, Paramount Chief of the Nsein Traditional area in another development, has on behalf of the Council and his people called for the sack of the MCE, labeling him as “disrespectful and a reactionary force on the path of progress”.

According to him, all several calls to the MCE to join the Traditional Council to push the development agenda of the area have been met with disrespectful rejection.
He added that, the re-nomination of the MCE would not be in the interest of the Nsein Traditional area.


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