‘Be Committed towards Funding Health Issues’- Gov’t Urged

Acting Country Director for Aurum Institute, Ms. Jabina Anaman


Story by: William Sarpong



The Acting Country Director for Aurum Institute, Ms. Jabina Anaman has appealed to the Government of Ghana to as much as possible, increase the funding of health issues in the country.

According to her, one of the biggest challenge in Ghana has to do with funding of health issues indicating that, “As a country, most of our funds are Donor depending and so, if donors does not provide the funding, there would be a challenge”.

She said, if Government commits itself to fund health programs in the country and these funds are not made available, it is the general population that suffers.

Ms. Jabina Anaman made this statement during a meeting on the Resents Dissemination and Closeout of the Impact 4 TB held in Accra.

Impact 4 TB medications was brought into the country by Aurum Institute as a project not for treatment but rather, for the prevention of TB disease.

The medications according to Ms. Jabina Anaman, was specifically brought into the country for people with HIV whose immunity is down and can easily get the TB disease.

She added that, the project further ensures that the medications are given to people who have come in close contact with those living with TB.

“As a programme, we are not saying that Ghana is not having a TB preventive medicine, there was already TB prevention medicine in the country but, it is been taken every day for between 6 months to 9 months depending on how the Doctor would diagnose and the patient condition”.

She further added that, “what we brought in was a 3 months medication and is taking once a week called ‘3HP’.

“That is, a combination of 2 different medicine, that is, you will take once a week for 3 months. So, in a whole 3 months, you will just take 12 times and it helps you and protect you from developing the disease”.

The project she indicated, started in 2017 and that, they were able to work with the National TB Control programme and the AIDS Control programme, to understand their systems and structure.

Again, her firm she said has a project with the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health of which went on well due to the extensive cooperation given them.

With regards to facilities and health workers used for the project,  she disclosed that,  majority were that of the Ghana Health Service, hence provided medications and resources to support.

The project according to Ms. Anaman, used 12 hospitals in 4 Regions and organized training programme that aided then to understand  how the drugs are administered as well as what they should look out after medication is given to patients.

A target according to her was set up to give medications to 9,000 people of which was achieved, hence the project was a success.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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